Horse and Hunt Adventures will set up an adventure for you in exotic locations all around the world. Like our North American destinations, each international venue is personally scouted and approved by one or more of our staff. That way, we can feel comfortable recommending a particular outfitter and location.

As a hunter or fisherman, you know the value of long-term relationships and dealing with good people who care. We’ve all lost a favorite spot because it changed hands. We also know that long-term commitment to habitat improvement is essential for the best hunting operations and locations.

The destinations in our program are almost all family-owned and operated businesses, often in remote location. These people really care. Their economic futures and livelihoods are dependent on the resources they harbor and customer satisfaction. Many of their operations have passed from generation to generation because of their commitment to quality. One facility has been in the family since the 1700s…others for a century or several decades. It’s the same kind of dedication and devotion we offer you when we assemble a hunt for you.

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